Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wi-Fi & Wife

Aha! You know Wi-Fi, don't you? :) You can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Many "institutions" provide this service, from Starbucks to Dunkin' Donuts. A little quiz: What does Wi-Fi stand for? You don't need to be a computer science student. LOL Search it with Google and you'll get "Wireless Fidelity". :)

How about wife? Ah, I think even the first graders know. A wife is a husband's spouse. And that's definitely true.

So? What are their relationships? Besides their similar spelling and pronunciation, they are closely related in .... Let's see.

When you decide to be a husband or a wife, you must, of course, "embrace" faithfulness.  No marriages can last without faithfulness, without fidelity (without God either). So, if you are a husband or a wife, remember Wi-Fi. :)

Ehm, still not complete. :( Just go on. :)

I remember an article written in a KOMPAS newspaper (KOMPAS is an Indonesian newspaper). It tells an experience of meeting a wife who is happy to see handsome guys when she is out of her husband's reach. So terrible!

Fidelity is about not only when you are within the range of your spouse, when you can hear her/his voice, when s/he can see you, but also when the situation is "wireless". When you are in a mountain and your beloved wifey/hubby is at home, stay loyal. When you are in Jakarta and your lovely spouse is in Bangkok, keep faithful. When you are surrounded by 1000 girls/guys who want to kiss you, kiss your sweetheart's photo.

Fiuhh, complete: Wi-Fi! (Wireless Fidelity) :D

"I have a wife. Wi-Fi!" :D
"I am a wife. Wi-Fi!" ^_^

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