Saturday, January 26, 2019

It's You

A silky, smiling visage brightly shines a pathway
I walk it without any bits of worry
Who is that?
It's you, it's you

An angelic voice reverberates throughout my soul
Peace and love are the only norms
Who is that?
It's you, it's you

Your sweetness is my greatest source of happiness
Why are you so perfectly cute?
My whole life is devoted to being mesmerized by your beauty
I cannot resist this addictive force

It's you, it's you

Your magical affection is inexhaustible
I deeply admire this priceless gift
Chanting your name is what I will always do
Only then can I define bliss

It's you, it's you

My missing grand life puzzle piece
Who makes my exaggerations understatements
It's you

The creation of this poem was inspired by Shou Yu (手語) by Jay Chou.

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Summer Breezes

The maple leaves across the road
Vaguely resemble your pale fingers
Memories made on the long-haul train journey
Pop up from the diary we wrote together on the park bench
Thinking of you
Always makes my smiles bloom
The warmth of your hug is indelible
Perpetually calming me down when I am nervous

The end of the voyage has now gone by
What I can see now is your shadowy figure
You are holding someone's hands
But they are not mine
Why am I still smiling?

The summer breezes at our city beach
Remind me of all the bliss you've given me
The aroma of your body
Drowns out the smell of the sea
I can still strongly feel your presence
The blistering sunlight
Your sandy cute dimples
I wish I could freeze all those moments and replayed my role in the clips whenever I wanted to

Opening my eyes, I can still see my hopes and dreams
Although your beautiful name is not engraved on them
You don't need to mind me
But I want you to know
If you turn back, you'll surely see me
Because my love for you will never perish

The creation of this poem was inspired by Bai Se Feng Che (白色風車) by Jay Chou.

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