Sunday, October 25, 2015

Vietnam to Stop Lê Văn Mạnh's Execution

Le Van Manh's Case:

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

5 Recommended Websites for Learning English

It is 2015 and I guess English still stands out and remains the world's lingua franca. Despite my fondness for learning other languages like Filipino, English is still my pet one – in what other languages can I find high quality dinosaur books? Thanks to technology, learning this 26-letter language has become much easier. Here are 5 websites that I use to improve my English proficiency and, hopefully, will help you master the language as well! Check them out!

1. EnglishClub
A simply named website, EnglishClub contains tons of useful learning materials. It is something you could always return to as this website covers a wide range of English language aspects, from grammar to punctuation to word stress. Personally I am keen on the "of the day" features, which give you a new idiom, phrasal verb, saying, and slang expression every day!

2. Espresso English
Don't get mistaken; Espresso English is not about coffee, but it will be your cup of tea! I haven't explored this website much but I enjoy reading the blog a lot; it consists of lots of fabulous, well-structured, easy-to-understand articles about idioms, vocabulary, useful phrases, etc.

3. TED
Strictly speaking, TED is not a website for learning English or any other languages. Yet, it proves to be a great tool for developing your listening skills. Practice listening by watching talks about a vast range of ideas and turn on the English subtitles when needed. You can also access the videos on its YouTube channel.

4. engVid
Want to learn English with native speaker teachers online? Just visit engVid! As you might have guessed, engVid offers a myriad of helpful videos presented by experienced English teachers, some, or most, of which have subtitles with them. The topics are varied, from pronunciation tips to soft English expressions. I like Adam's and Emma's teaching styles because their explanations are simple and understandable. You can access the videos on its YouTube channel as well.

5. Macmillan Dictionary
What? You might have been a bit confounded. Well, to learn English – and any other languages, I guess – you need a good dictionary; and for that reason, Macmillan Dictionary exists! This dictionary will surely make things a lot easier for you. What makes me crazy about this dictionary is that it uses simple language for its definitions. What is more, it provides information about countability, synonyms, collocates, and the 'Get It Right' feature, which will definitely help you avoid common mistakes.
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