Friday, February 15, 2019

My Beloved Brontosaurus – Book Review

My Beloved Brontosaurus
by Brian Switek

Nearing the close of last year, I stumbled upon a Tweet by Goodreads asking its tweeps for a 3-word description of the books they were reading. Coincidentally I was in the midst of my immersion in this little book, and, as it wished, I replied to the book reader platform with three words whose attached qualities thoroughly emanate from the dinosaurian volume: superb, beauteous, and entrancing.

My Beloved Brontosaurus by Brian Switek is a passionate fĂȘte of one of the most exciting stories in the history of our planet – that of the dinosaurs. Bearing their own experiences with fervor for dinosauriana, the author captivatingly drives readers to examine and explore the many facets of dinosaur life. The first encounter of the author's younger self with "Brontosaurus" is the starting point, and from there Brian invites us to probe into a broad range of dinosaurian topics which include the animals' sex lives, the evolution of feathers, sauropod gigantism, dinosaur pathologies (the diseases and injuries inflicted on the marvelous creatures), as well as the annihilation of the non-avian forms. The author is a hybrid of a real dino geek and an adept raconteur. Their vast knowledge of the "fearfully great lizards", fused with a flair for writing, has yielded an impressive read to be consumed by any dinosaur fan. (Note: Some caution has to be exercised in regard to the colorful cover – which freezes the interaction between the author and their much loved "Brontosaurus" – as MBB actually takes a more serious approach than a typical illustration-packed dinosaur book for young children.)

Brian once claimed that "no dinosaur bookshelf is complete without a copy of My Beloved Brontosaurus." After swallowing the contents of this book, I can clearly see the truthfulness of this statement. If you are a dinophile, you are guaranteed to love and enjoy this highly insightful written work on dinosaurs.

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