Sunday, April 29, 2012

Need or Greed?

Hm. . . I think, by reading the title, you know what I mean. :) But it's okay. I wanna share my experience and I wish you want to pay attention to it, which I hope inspires you. :)

Several days ago I visited Kaskus (an Indonesian forum) to look for Jay Chou's albums. I wanna collect all of his albums (I only have one. What is that? Click here. :)). Add info: Praise God, I've got my first job! ^__^

After surfing for some time, I got what I wanted. There were some tantalizing albums displayed on a thread; however, the seller said that what was available is only the 10th album, The Era, I decided to buy that "yummy" album, which was worth 50.000 rupiahs. (rupiah = Indonesian currency)

I couldn't make a transaction by COD (cash on delivery)—that was what I wanted, but he/she didn't want to—, so I had to pay the fee for shipping. The shipping cost for 4-7 days is 4.000 rupiahs, while the one for 1-3 days is 6000 rupiahs. What did I choose?

The point is: I didn't need to listen to the album within 1-3 days, although I was very eager to listen to the cool songs! So, I chose the first option. I saved 2.000 rupiahs (not too much, about US$0.2,  but WORTH). 2.000 rupiahs is 2.000 rupiahs, right? :)

There are many choices in our life, and every choice has its own consequence. Don't waste what you shouldn't waste by being greedy. See your needs. See how happy it is to act properly. :)

• Book
• Blackberry
• iPad
• iPhone
• Laptop
• Starbucks products
• ... (you may fill in this blank by yourself)


Need or greed? ;)
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