Saturday, March 28, 2015

Common English Mistakes That Vietnamese Make

I love Vietnam! In fact, I want to work and live there (I hope I can do it next year). I have quite a lot of Vietnamese friends, some of whom I have already met in person. I've been to Ho Chi Minh City twice and now I still feel the wonder of it. Well, since I can't communicate in Vietnamese well (I'm learning it, though), I interact with my Vietnamese friends in English. Here are some common mistakes made by Vietnamese, based on my experience. I hope this list will be useful for Vietnamese who want to learn/are learning English and for other people too!

Note: I will keep this post updated.

1. "have" instead of "there is/are"
To talk about existence, Vietnamese often use "have", not "there is/are".

• Have one teacher here. (should be There is one teacher here.)
• Have five people in my office. (should be There are five people in my office.)

2. no be
Vietnamese tend to omit be forms (am, is, are, etc.).

• My friend beautiful. (should be My friend is beautiful.)
• My father at home (last week). (should be My father was at home.)

3. no articles
Vietnamese tend to leave out articles (a/an and the).

• I in office. (should be I am in the office.)
• Yesterday my sister went to bookstore. (should be Yesterday my sister went to a bookstore.)

4. infinitives with third person singular subjects in the simple present
When using the simple present, Vietnamese tend to use infinitives with third person singular subjects (he, she, and it).

• My mother cook for me. (should be My mother cooks for me.)
• My brother go to school every day. (should be My brother goes to school every day.)

5. no -s or -es in plural forms
Vietnamese tend to use singular forms where plural forms should be used instead.

• I want to buy two apple. (should be I want to buy two apples.)
• She have a lot of friend. (should be She has a lot of friends.)

6. no prepositions
Vietnamese often leave out prepositions.

• I listening music. (should be I'm listening to music.)
• Wait me. (should be Wait for me.)

7. ending sounds
Vietnamese have difficulty in pronouncing ending sounds.

• "Ll" in "will" and "kill" is pronounced like the second 'u' in "usual". (the /u/ sound is pronounced instead of the /l/ sound)
• "Rice" is pronounced like "ry" in "cry". (the /s/ sound is not pronounced)
• "Always" is pronounced like "alway". (the /z/ sound is not pronounced)
• "D" in "seaweed" is pronounced like "sh" in "wish". (the /ʃ/ sound is pronounced instead of the /d/ sound)
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