Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Practical English Usage – Book Review

Practical English Usage
by Michael Swan

I feel 'sinful' if I don't let people know this book. So here it is, one of the best English language books I've ever read: Practical English Usage by Michael Swan.

I'd call this book a 'super problem solver'. Why? This book discusses the English language extensively. The content ranges from grammar and pronunciation, through differences between American and British English, to how to correspond in English. Swan writes the content clearly; it is easy to understand and won't baffle the readers. Finding a topic is effortless as there is a very useful index at the back of the book which clearly directs the readers to what they are looking for (the contents are arranged in alphabetical order and numbered). This book is a must-have not only for English learners, but also for English teachers, as, I believe, in someone's teaching career, they sometimes come across questions that they don't have the answers to. In addition, the 3rd edition includes Don't say it!, a section that covers 130 common English mistakes at various levels. I think the remark that Practical English Usage is the 'Bible' of English is not an exaggeration.

The 4th edition of Practical English Usage was published in 2017 and can be purchased here.
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