Friday, August 9, 2013

The Living Dinosaur, Living World, Indonesia

When I heard that there would be a dinosaur show in Indonesia, I was amazed! "This is what I've been waiting for," I thought.

But, when I looked at "my wallet", I thought I wouldn't go there. Thanks to my brother, his "spell" propelled me to the show. And, I don't regret watching my first dinosaur show! :)

The Living Dinosaur was a dinosaur puppet show presented by Erth's Dinosaur Zoo, from Australia, in cooperation with Living World, a mall in Serpong, Indonesia. It was performed from June 21 to July 7, 2013.

I decided to attend the event on July 5, 2013. To get there, in the morning I went "hitchhiking". Many thanks to my friend Natalia and her cousin for their kindness!

Before The Show

Before the show started, I got around and took some photos. Here are some of them:

My first photo at the venue! Me and a lot of dinosaurs! Cheese! :)


Me in front of a banner. This photo seems scary... As if an Allosaurus or Velociraptor would attack!

Aha! Going back to our childhood! Some dino dolls! :)

That's me with dino dolls! Wanna return to the past! This reminds me of Jay Chou's song 回到過去! :)

Dinosaur toys are lovely! :)

Me standing in front of a TLD banner. That dino wants to gobble me up! Arghh, must go faster!

Yeah, just before the show began, I lined up with the crowd. 

The people are enthusiastic about this show. Probably some of the children here will be the first paleontologists from Indonesia! I do hope so. :)

During the Show

After queuing up for quite a long time, I entered the room. It was dark and filled with some dinosaur information on the wall. I remember there was information about two dinosaurs, Coelophysis and Plateosaurus, a pterosaur, probably Quetzalcoatlus, and dinosaur timeline.

I went on and, surprisingly, I met up with my cousin! She was with her child, and I sat beside her.

And here is the stage!

The children sit in front of the stage, while I do on a bench behind them. :)

A video about dinosaurs was then played for us. It included the mass extinction which wiped out dinosaurs about 65 million years ago.

Next, there were two men coming up!

They are the host, Julian (left), and Tim, the "paleontologist" (right). They were so funny! XD I laughed over and over during the show! :D

The first dinosaur to appear was Minmi paravertebra, an Australian herbivorous dinosaur which is similar to the more famous Ankylosaurus. :)

 Here you can see two kids are touching Minmi babies. So cute! ^_^

The second dinosaur was .... Oops! It was not a dinosaur! It was an insect! In fact, a giant insect!

Meganeura is really scary. However the kid doesn't look scared! Brave boy! :)

The next creature to participate in the show was a big-eyed plant-eating dinosaur—still from Australia. Can you guess what? Yep, it was Leallynausaura!

Named after the daughter of the paleontologists who discovered its fossil, Leallynasaura was small. As you can see, it is roughly the size of a human. Leallynasaura had big eyes, which enabled the creature to see well in the dark.

Anddddd, finallyyyy, the one that the children had been waiting for showed its teeth! A carnivore!

Australovenator was a medium-sized carnivorous dinosaur. As you might guess, this dino was discovered in what is now Australia. In the picture, people are trying to make this dino calm down. :)

Here, people observe the dinosaur in a special place. I myself touched its face!

Lastly, a kind of dinosaurs that people won't forget sent their representative to end the show! Give applause to the long-necked Titanosaurus!

Huge, enormous, giant! What else can be used to describe this cool dinosaur? ;) Surely, you wouldn't want this dinosaur to enter your house if it was alive today!

If there's a beginning, there's an end. Here is the Erth's Dinosaur Zoo's crew!

As a matter of fact, Julian mentioned their names but I forget all of them except Tim! Thank you very much for the show! :)

After The Show

I didn't want to miss the chance, so I took some photos after the show! ;)

The sauropod's so long that the size of this picture is not sufficient for it to show off!

You think I'm a coward? No, I'm not. This is the proof. ;)

Taking a photo with the "tyrant lizard king" is a must!

And, here it is! Tim and me! I had a chat with him and asked some questions.

Well, actually, he was a singer, not a paleontologist! Haha. I thought he was a paleontologist because he knew a lot about dinosaurs. :)

During the chat, he said that the show was not the first in Asia. It astonished me because it had been clearly stated on the banner, and it had been one of the reasons I had gone to enjoy the show. He said they'd been to Japan and Malaysia before. Hmm...

I said to Tim that I thought his show was similar to that of Walking with Dinosaurs from BBC. He replied that BBC stole their idea. I was quite surprised! He said that BBC came to their boss and asked how they did the things. Then, BBC made their own show.

That's the end of the story. Thanks for reading and please feel free to post a comment! :)
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