Monday, May 14, 2012


If you think this article is about soccer, you've got it wrong. :)

We are us. We have our own position. Maybe you are a father, a wife, a neighbor, a boss, or a king. Probably you are in a queue, in a shelter, on a train, at a party, or at your home. Too many examples. And, now, you are in a position (maybe more than one) too, right? :)

Various conditions make us different than other people.

Positioning: If I were him/her, what would I feel?

Before we do something, it is great to reflect on the sentence above.

→ Before we bully our friends
→ Before we speak harshly to our parents
→ Before we jeer our brothers and/or sisters
→ Before we watch porn movies
→ Before we hit our wife
→ Before we insult our husband
→ Before we sleep together with someone who is not our spouse
→ Before we meet our boyfriend or girlfriend late
→ Before we laugh at the disabled
→ Before we lie to our customers
→ Before we steal others' time
→ ... (your turn :))

not always bad:

→ Before we smile to our grandparents
→ Before we caress the sick
→ Before we give thanks to our maids
→ Before we say sorry to God or our kids
→ ... (I am tired of typing. Please. . . ;))

Imagine slowly, deeply. . . "Make" yourself him or her. . . Feel . . . Take his or her position. . . .

You are HIM! You are HER!

What do you feel? (listen carefully and thoroughly to your heart)

Grief? Bliss? Sadness? Joy?

Our life is full of acts and we contribute to them! (never forget this) The choice is in our hands and always will be. :) (I am not paid by Facebook for this LOL)

"Take your position, Messi!" Tito Vilanova shouted. (now I am speaking about soccer XD)

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