Thursday, March 8, 2012

Patience Makes Perfect

One day, I was waiting for a transjakarta bus, a typical bus operating in Jakarta. There were several persons waiting with me. A bus came and stopped. Then, the door opened. What next?

Yeah, you are right. Pushing! And, pushing makes "pusing"—"pusing" is an Indonesian word meaning "dizzy". I was quite surprised. Maybe you have seen this kind of "event" too. Was it that hard to be slower? Did it "kill" them to wait a few seconds more? I don't think the people meeting them would have said, "Hey, you look old, my friend. What happened?" if they had been more patient.

There is another. On Jakarta streets, you will see many motorcycles stop in front of the white line while the red light is on. Many even go forth! What if an accident happens? Two lives are sacrificed for two minutes!

Time is precious. But, using time for something silly is .... (please fill in the blank yourself) Let's cherish others in very details of our life.

People say practice makes perfect. I want to add one, "Patience makes perfect."

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