Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mind Mind

Probably the title reminds you of one of Jay Chou's newest songs in his latest album, Exclamation Mark: Mine Mine. Yep, it inspired me to name this article—I am a big fan of him. ;)

Yesterday, I stayed at my brother's house in Kelapa Gading, an area in Indonesia you must visit before you die! There are so many foods available there, and the environment is comfortable and very suitable for living. The epithet of Kelapa Gading is the "autonomous town", due to its completeness – my friend from junior high said the only thing it doesn't have is a funeral home.

That afternoon I met an old friend; we began our friendship when we were in elementary school. He is actually one of my closest friends. We had promised to go jogging together beforehand and then we did it in a vast jogging area.

He urged me to jog around the area ten times! I thought I wouldn't be able to do that. I had not exercised for long. "Maybe I can jog around only about two or three times," I reckoned. And, in my opinion, ten times were too many! The area was very wide!  But, I just decided to start jogging. He gave me three tips:

(1) While jogging, don't open your mouth. It would make your stomach painful.
(2) Don't stomp. Step calmly.
(3) Enjoy the "show"! Don't focus on your tiredness.

I did what he had told me. And. . . I was able to jog around the area six times incessantly! I was quite surprised! How come I was able to do that? Nevertheless, I decided to take a rest while he continued jogging for one more lap. Afterwards, I went on jogging around with him two more times! Then, I took another rest while he completed another lap. At the end of the day, I jogged with him for one more lap.

It was incredible! I was able to jog around a wide jogging area nine times in total! (I know he was greater: 11 times! He is definitely a sturdy man. ;)) Probably I would have been able to do it more than six times continually, but I chose not to force my body. :)

His tips are great! And, what I want us to focus on is the third one. "Mind".

Minds are determiners. What you focus on is highly influential. I concentrated on enjoying the jogging: my mind was directed to the "enjoying". I didn't feel tired because of that. And, the result shows how great the power of mind is.

I remember an inspirational saying of his: "Your mind conquers your body, rather than your body conquers your mind."

Mind mind~

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