Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Afford" and "Effort"

Two simple words. They look and sound similar, don't they? And, in fact, the relationship between them is very strong!

Please read the story below, which is based on a true one:

There is a 21-year-old girl named Tania. She loves English and wants to buy Advanced Grammar in Use by Martin Hewings—one of my favorite English books—to improve her grammar. The problem is she doesn't have enough money.
One day, her friend offers her to be a data entry clerk for three days. "The wage is more than enough," she thinks, "I will be able to buy AGU!" Then, she decides to take the opportunity.

And. . . Deng deng deng~ AGU is in her hands!

Effort → working for three days
Afford → AGU

So simple, so simple! But, often we only look at the "afford"! We don't pay attention to the "twin". We seem under hypnosis! Do we realize that it is like eating without a mouth or playing without a game? It is impossible. What would have happened if Tania had not taken the opportunity? We need to do something to get something. That's the precept.

Wake up! The world is a place for non-dreamers! The world is a place for vigorous men! The world is a place for real men making real efforts to get real results! And they are us, right? ;)

PSsstt. That's my true story. :p

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