Saturday, February 4, 2017

Our Own Parts

I am known as an 'innocent' man among those who have been my companions for long. Obeying traffic laws, being strongly opposed to smoking, and throwing garbage in the proper place are some traits that cling to me and would probably be the first things that come across their minds when they are asked to picture my behavior.

Flashing back to some point in the past, I recall someone, who is probably a very close relative of mine, told me that it is no use doing some good deed (most likely that action of keeping the environment clean and visibly satisfying) while there are tons of others are doing exactly the opposite of what I do.

This apparently nice idea – which is actually pernicious – is, as I see it, simply is the root of the great deals of cases of development inhibition occuring in our society. This way of thinking appears to be mildly damaging. However, it would generate continuous actions that, if you think about it, certainly cause terrible harm. In addition, when an enormous number of people take it as a life guide, the result will unavoidably be ghastly. If everyone keeps ignoring this and doesn't take action to resolve it, it will eventually lead to the demise of our own taxon.

We must adopt the view that what we do is worth the value of what we do: nothing more and nothing less. The result of our actions, in a sense, is actually free from any influence from the outside. This means we shouldn't try to alter people, some (or most) of them perhaps being stubborn and incorrigible. What we need to do is direct our energy, thoughts, and so forth toward what we can do to improve life quality.

It is true that we are just a minuscule part of the gargantuan community of humans; we have too many limitations to do the huge task of changing the world at the drop of a hat. However, when we do our own parts in the best way possible, it is actually enough to achieve our ultimate goal.

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