Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Best Things in Life

What are the best things in life? I realize that the answer to this question is not simply a matter of "correct or incorrect" since it depends on those concerned.

To some, brand-new sports cars or enormous castle-like houses are what makes them energetic throughout the day. Some others would like to travel all over the world and pursue that ambition in a rigorous and tireless fashion. Still, others crave for a partner, that is, a boyfriend/girlfriend or a spouse! (well, it's just my judgment since in my country it seems that being single is the 'most horrid curse a person can be put on').

As for myself, I see 'simple' things as those qualifying as the best. Friendship, peace (partly characterized by pure smiles on people's faces), and moments of love are, some of the greatest things in life. Perusing my lover's morning greeting on the screen of my Sony Xperia M2, listening to Jay Chou's enchanting art pieces countlessly (I am doing it now!) and singing them exuberantly, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of dinosaurs (and life, in general) are several other examples of what can make my day.

All in all, I am content with my life right now. However, still, I think I need to contribute more to society with all the good qualities I possess. Today I taught a class and there was this phrase coming into focus: give back to the community. This is exactly something that I wish to achieve and I would say it is part of my self-actualization desire. I really hope to fulfill it as soon as possible by bringing out the best in myself.

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