Thursday, December 24, 2015

Common English Mistakes: Present Simple and Present Continuous

Here is a list of common mistakes in the use of the present simple and present continuous:

1. infinitive without -s or -es (or has) with third person singular subjects (he, she, it, etc.)
Christina (= she) go to English classes every week. (incorrect)
Christina goes to English classes every week. (correct)

My brother (= he) have a thick dinosaur book. (incorrect)
My brother has a thick dinosaur book. (correct)

2. be + infinitive
am eat bread every morning. (incorrect)
eat bread every morning. (correct)

She's like me very much. (incorrect)
She likes me very much. (correct)

Barry likes Christina. (= Barry is interested in Christina, probably because she is kind, smart, etc.)
In this sentence:
likes = verb

Barry is like Christina. (= Barry is similar to Christina. For example, Barry is nice and Christina is nice too. Barry's hobby is reading and Christina's hobby is reading too.)
In this sentence:
is = verb
like = preposition

3. only v-ing (without be)
Johnny cooking in the kitchen. (incorrect)
Johnny is cooking in the kitchen. (correct)

Be quiet! My children sleeping. (incorrect)
Be quiet! My children are sleeping. (correct)

4. using the present simple when the present continuous should actually be used instead, and vice versa
What are you doing? ~ I have lunch now. (incorrect)
What are you doing? ~ I'm having lunch now. (correct)

She is visiting her uncle once a year. (incorrect)
She visits her uncle once a year. (correct)

I hope this article is useful for you! Keep on loving English!

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