Monday, February 10, 2014

We Are Killers

"We?" "Do you mean 'you and your friends'?" This is what might be in your head now. But "we" here means "you and I". Yeah, YOU and I. How come? Okay, let's go to the explanation.

You might think kill means "to make someone die by stabbing them with a knife, shooting their head with a gun, pushing them from the top of a fourteen-story building, twisting their head powerfully, etc." BUT if you think more deeply, you'll find out something else.

To kill is to reduce someone's lifespan. It does NOT matter what means you use. In other words, When you are making someone's life shorter, actually you are killing them.

When you are smoking beside someone, you are producing gas that is destroying some of their cells. Maybe 200.000 or 300.005 cells. Numbers don't matter. You are killing them.

When you are running a red light, you are probably making someone (more) emotional. They probably just got a problem at the office, so you are adding insult to injury. When they arrive at home, they will probably wreak their anger on their spouse or children or anyone else. They will probably do harm to them. You are probably reducing one-billionth of their life. You are killing them.

When you are littering, you are probably contributing to flood that kisses off people. You are killing them.

When you are not giving an old man your seat on a bus... Okay, you know it.

I believe you can find many more examples. And yes, we are killers.

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