Sunday, February 2, 2014

Me, Me, and Me!

I had some experience some time ago and it triggered me to share it here. I can't remember the details of the experience, but the point is I focused on myself and didn't pay attention to anyone around me. In other words, I regarded myself as the "king of the universe". What's the result? Unhappiness, stress, dissatisfaction.

Ego. Everyone has it. Don't deny that.

So, is it bad to have an ego? The simple answer is "no".

Ego is important. If you didn't have an ego, you would probably die soon because you wouldn't eat and would give all of your food to other people instead. You would be stressful too because you would spend your spare time to work and work and, therefore, drain yourself.

However, if you have an enormous ego, you must be careful. If now you are not contented, if you are feeling there is something missing, if you think you have everything but it is not "enough", perhaps you ego is beyond the limit.

Then, what should you do? You could follow the steps below as a start:
1. Look at someone around you.
2. Put yourself in their shoes.
3. Think about something that you can do for them to improve their life quality.
4. Do it.

Note: If you don't know what you can do for them, give your best smile, which you certainly can do, to them.

Caring is a good medicine. No side effects. Believe me.

To end this article, here is an utterance from my friend: "If you care for other people, you don't need to care for yourself." Agree?

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