Thursday, July 11, 2013

Principles - Prince's Disciples

The world is changing so fast and we are to decide where to go and what to do. Many offers, many options, and, therefore, many possible results.

Christians need to remember that they are "Christians". They are the disciples of Christ, the Son of the Father, the Prince. Christians are to live a life that's according to His plan, His good plan. However, being a Christian is not easy, as stated in Matthew 10:16.

There are many "wolves". Temptations, challenges, and problems are all around us. We cannot evade those. We have free will and our commitment to God is always asked every time we meet the "wolves".

A Christian should remember that they are capable of being a good Christian, by God's grace. They must stick to the principles, the teachings of Jesus Christ, every word that comes out of His mouth.

Following Christ needs bravery and resoluteness. It should be consistent, not temporary. You might be hurt; you might be left. You might be alone in this world but in fact you are not. (Mark 3:35)

Everyone can leave you but God will remain beside you if you do His will, do what He wants, which is exactly the purpose of us being here.

To end this article, let this Kent M. Keith's quote touch our heart.

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