Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Raptor Red – Book Review

Raptor Red
by Robert T. Bakker

I should have written this review a long time ago as I finished this little dino novel before Velociraptor came into scene – you know I'm kidding. But they say "better late then never", so here I am, slouching in front of my Lenovo, typing my opinion on this not-authored-by-Robert-T.-Kiyosaki book.

Raptor Red is a novel about the life of an adult female dinosaur belonging to the genus Utahraptor – that is a kind of medium-sized predatory dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period that was discovered, as is easy to guess, in Utah, the  U.S., and is a close cousin of the more famous Velociraptor. This story is based on the discovery of the animal and was written by world-famous American paleontologist Dr. Robert T. Bakker, casually called Bob Bakker – does it ring a bell? Yeah, in the movie Jurassic Park Tim Murphy, who is the grandson of John Hammond, mentions this dinosaur expert when conversing with paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant. So there are two points that make this novel stand out from others: there are NO humans involved (as it takes place hundreds of millions of years ago before the first humans appeared) and it was written by a REAL paleontologist! Before enjoying the story, you are welcomed by the preface, which revolves around the discovery of Utahraptor and discusses its relation to the blockbuster movie. And then the show begins. Bob Bakker exquisitely tells the tale of this bird-like creature in a gripping as well as emotional way. With his background as a dinosaurian scientist, the author successfully mixes science with extremely vivid and imaginative descriptions. In addition, the plot is riveting and will definitely keep the reader enthralled during the ride. Bob Bakker knows how to satisfy readers with his highly descriptive writing and engaging story-telling skills – honestly, I didn't expect to be as wowed as I am when reading it. In short, this novel deserves standing applause. If you are an adventure novel addict and/or dinophile, I am sure you will fall in love with this book in a brief second.

Unfortunately I think this novel is one of a kind (any other novels of this sort? tell me!). To be brutally honest, I need MORE of this. I do hope Bakker (or other paleontologists) will come out with this type of novel in the (near) future.

Have you read Raptor Red? What do you think of this novel? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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