Thursday, May 1, 2014


The first article on the first of May. Okay. Now think of someone who you think lives a happy life.

You may have more than one person in your mind now. One of them might be your brother, sister, cousin, uncle, friend, idol, or your boss. They might be someone else. And, yeah, they seem to be always happy. They seem to have everything. Maybe you always smile every time you see them. They seem not to have any problems in their life.

However, one day I was thinking about the same kind of thing. Do what I see is what really is? Well, that was more or less the question. And, I came up with an answer.

No. No. No. Fake. They are fake.

We might judge someone by looking at the impressions they give. We don't see the real thing that is happening or exists at that time. We might also generalize it. We think that they stay the same all their life. Every day, every second, every time. But what is the fact? Do we really know? No, we don't.

In fact, they might be sad but hide it behind their smiles. They seem to have been happy all their lives, but do we know how it began? Do we know how many liters of tears were shed? How many sacrifices did they make and and how great were they?

An example to end this article is my favorite musician, Jay Chou. He is very successful. He is popular and so many people like him. In my opinion, he is the best musician ever. But how did he become such a superstar? I can't imagine the effort he made. I can't.