Saturday, June 1, 2013


A simple word, yet powerful. And, as a matter of fact, this nine-letter word is essential for our life.

Let's start from a simple question: What are you doing?
The answer: Reading this article. (indeed)

Next question: What is your purpose of reading this article?

The answer: ____.

I don't mind what your answer is. What matters is: can you answer this? If you can answer this, congratulations! You know what your goal, target, or objective is, what you want to achieve, what makes you "move". A person like you is called a conscious man. A person who's aware of why they do something. And, this kind of person has the meaning of life. That's why the world needs (only) this sort of person.

Sometimes, including me, people do something and they don't know why they do that!

They study at university hard but they don't know what they will do after graduating. They read books but they don't know what they will use the information for. They are in a relationship with someone but before sleeping they think "Why did I become his girlfriend/her boyfriend?" They marry but at night they think, "Why did I marry him/her?"

Being conscious is everything. Man in the world without a purpose is like a boat at sea without a sailor. It lets itself be controlled by winds. Will it arrive at the destination? You can imagine.

In my opinion, it's wise to ask ourselves some purpose questions from time to time:
Why am I calling you? Why am I listening to this music? Why do I play this game? Why do I work for this company? Why do I buy discounted items? Why am I studying math? Why am I here? Why, why, and why.

Hopefully, we can be a real person, a person that deserves the world, a conscious man.

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