Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A UFO Seen from Jalan Lautze

Believe it or not! I saw a UFO! Well, here is the story.

On Sunday, August 19, 2012, I went to attend a Holy Mass held at 6.30 p.m. at Gereja St. Petrus dan Paulus (Catholic Church of St. Peter and St. Paul), Jakarta. I rode my beloved bike, Rexus, to there. While driving on Jalan Lautze (Lautze Street), I saw a UFO moving right! At first, I hesitated to take a picture of it; however, at the end of the day, I decided to snap that mysterious object. Here is the photo:

A UFO Seen from Jalan Lautze, Jakarta, Indonesia

A UFO Seen from Jalan Lautze, Jakarta, Indonesia  (magnified)

Note: The photo was taken at 5.59 p.m.

The appearance was like a comet but with long "flame" as its "tail". It moved quite slowly at constant speed along a straight line.

After it disappeared, I followed the curious thing as I went to the church. Along the journey I took a look at the sky for several times but didn't spot it anymore. When I was near the church I saw a really big crescent. I don't know whether it was the moon, or "something else".... However, I didn't take a photo of it.

Done! This is my first experience regarding UFOs. Thanks for reading my story! Please share your opinion below! ;)
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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Brief List of Jay Chou's Songs for "Newbies"

Well, I am writing this article while listening to his songs. :)

This list is intended for those who want to "venture" into the world of Jay Chou – his music realm – but are confused about which songs to listen to for the very first times. Just try the songs of my choice! ;)

• I pick only two songs from every album.
• For translations click here.

1st Album: 杰倫專輯 (Jie Lun Zhuan Ji) → Jay Album
可愛女人 (Ke Ai Nü Ren) → Lovable Woman
龍捲風 (Long Juan Feng) → Tornado

2nd Album: 范特西 (Fan Te Xi) → Fantasy
簡單愛 (Jian Dan Ai) → Simple Love
安靜 (An Jing) → Silence

3rd Album: 八度空間 (Ba Du Kong Jian) → The Eight Dimensions
爺爺泡的茶 (Ye Ye Pao De Cha) → The Tea Grandpa Makes
回到過去 (Hui Dao Guo Qu) → Go Back To The Past

4th Album: 葉惠美 (Ye Hui Mei)
以父之名 (Yi Fu Zhi Ming) → In The Name Of The Father
妳聽得到 (Ni Ting De Dao) → You Can Hear It

5th Album: 七里香 (Qi Li Xiang) → Common Jasmin Orange
七里香 (Qi Li Xiang) → Common Jasmin Orange
園遊會 (Yuan You Hui) → Garden Party

6th Album: 11月的萧邦 (Shi Yi Yue De Xiao Bang) → November's Chopin
夜曲 (Ye Qu) → Nocturnes
发如雪 (Fa Ru Xue) → Hair Like Snow

7th Album: 依然范特西 (Yi Ran Fan Te Xi) → Still Fantasy
聽媽媽的話 (Ting Ma Ma De Hua) → Listen To Mother's Words
退後 (Tui Hou) → Step Back

8th Album: 我很忙 (Wo Hen Mang) → On The Run
彩虹 (Cai Hong) → Rainbow
我不配 (Wo Bu Pei) → I'm Not Worthy

9th Album: 魔杰座 (Mo Jie Zuo) → Capricorn
龍戰騎士 (Long Zhan Qi Shi) → Dragon Rider
稻香 (Dao Xiang) → Fragrance of Rice

10th Album: 跨時代 (Kua Shi Dai) → The Era
 嘻哈空姐 (Xi Ha Kong Jie) → Hip Hop Air Hostess
 愛的飛行日記 (Ai De Fei Xing Ri Ji) → Love's Flight Diary

11th Album: 驚嘆號 (Jing Tan Hao) → Exclamation Mark
 療傷燒肉粽 (Liao Shang Shao Rou Zong) → Healing Hot Meat Buns
 超跑女神 (Chao Pao Nü Shen) → Super Sports Goddess

12th Album: 12新作 (12 Xin Zuo) → Opus 12
 傻笑 (Sha Xiao) → Giggle
 夢想啟動 (Meng Xiang Qi Dong) → Dream Started

13rd Album: 哎呦,不錯哦 (Ai You, Bu Cuo O) → Aiyo, Not Bad
手寫的從前 (Shou Xie De Cong Qian) → The Handwritten Past
鞋子特大號 (Xie Zi Te Da Hao) → Extra Large Shoes

Bonus: 蝸牛 (Gua Niu) → Snail (from 范特西EP (Fan Te Xi EP) → Fantasy Plus (EP))

Okeydoke, just enjoy them! Don't forget to share your opinion here. Thank you! ;)

Source: (title translations)
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